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Course: Math 408
Instructor: Prof. Joe Borzellino
Time: MTWR 10:10–11:00am, Mathematics & Science 38-226
Office Hours: MW 11:10am-12:00pm, 3:10pm-4:00pm, F 10:10am-11:00am (or by appt/email) in FOE 25-302
Phone: 756–5192
E–Mail: jborzell
Web Page:
Text: Marsden & Hoffman, Basic Complex Analysis, 3rd ed.
Chapters Covered: As much as we can!

A note on our textbook: Don't be fooled by the title! The term "Basic" refers to the fact that this book is intended for undergraduates. It is more comprehensive and more mathematically rigorous than most other books at this level. It is an excellent book, but by no means an easy book. Here are some other references for books on Complex Analysis (there are many others - even a Schaum's outline):

  1. Brown & Churchill, Complex Variables and Applications (undergraduate, easier)
  2. Saff & Snider, Fundamentals of Complex Analysis (undergraduate, easier)
  3. Ahlfors, Complex Analysis (the classic, graduate, much harder)
  4. Gamelin, Complex Analysis (graduate, harder)
  5. Greene & Krantz, Function Theory of One Complex Variable (graduate, harder)
Your grade for the course will be determined by a cumulative point total weighted as follows:

Quizzes 33% Midterm 33% Final Exam 34%


The dates for the exams are as follows:

Midterm 1: Thursday, October 18
Final Exam:
Monday, December 3, 10:10am–1:00pm.

NOTE: All exams and quizzes are CLOSED book. Calculators, notes and books will not be allowed. There are NO makeup exams. If an emergency situation arises which will cause you to miss an exam or quiz, you must contact me BEFORE the exam or quiz is given. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Possible penalties include a failing grade for the course.

Homework and Quizzes:
On most Thursdays, a 15–20 minute quiz will be given. The quiz will cover material covered in class recently. The remainder of Thursday's class will be used to go over homework and answer your questions. Homework assignments will be posted on the web page listed above. Homework will be assigned but not collected. Homework that is assigned is representative of the types of problems that will appear on quizzes and exams.

Other Dates to Remember:
November 12 Veteran's Day (Monday)
November 21–23 Thanksgiving (Wednesday - Friday)

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