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Course: Math 306
Instructor: Prof. Joe Borzellino
Time: MTWR 8:10–9:00am, AG Engineering 08-121
Office Hours: TR 1:10–3:00pm (or by appt/email) in Faculty Offices East 25-302
Phone: 756–5192
E–Mail: jborzell
Web Page:
Text: Petersen, Linear Algebra. (Available in bookstore or as free PDF)

Other References:

  1. Bretscher, Linear Algebra with Applications (excellent sophomore-level review text)
  2. Schaum's Outlines, Linear Algebra (general reference with lots of problems)
  3. Hoffman & Kunze, Linear Algebra (classic advanced undergraduate text)
  4. Lang, Linear Algebra (classic advanced undergraduate text)
  5. Lax, Linear Algebra and its applications (analysis inspired advanced undergraduate text)
  6. Friedberg, Insel & Spence, Linear Algebra (a popular and gentler undergraduate text)
  7. Axler, Linear Algebra Done Right (simply, linear algebra done wrong!)

Your grade for the course will be determined by a cumulative point total weighted as follows:

Homework 30%   Midterm 35%   Final Exam 35%


The dates for the exams are as follows:

Midterm: Thursday, February 3
Final Exam:
Friday, March 18, 7:10am–10:00am

NOTE: All exams are CLOSED book. Calculators, notes and books will not be allowed. There are NO makeup exams. If an emergency situation arises which will cause you to miss an exam, you must contact me BEFORE the exam is given. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Possible penalties include a failing grade for the course.

Homework: While this may seem obvious, consider careful reading of the textbook as a persistent required homework assignment (see extra credit for an incentive). Also, as a general rule, all problems in the text should be considered homework problems unless specified otherwise. I will probably pick two or three problems to grade for correctness also. The graded problems should be written up neatly and appear together on pages separated from the other homework. Homework assignments will be posted on the web page listed above.

Extra Credit: The author and I would appreciate information regarding any misprints or errors you may find in the text including spelling and grammar errors (even reference errors). As an incentive to read the text carefully, if you are the first to find a mathematical error and can explain to me why it is an error, I will give you extra credit. I will keep a list of known errata on the course webpage and when the quarter is over, I will pass these along to the author.

Other Dates to Remember:
January 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday - no class)
February 21 President’s Day (Monday - no class)
February 22 (Monday class meets on Tuesday)

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